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Keepin’ cows grazin’ with regenerative farming traditions



Every Bolivian grows up understanding that crunchy cheese biscuits are a central part of life. And, as brother and sister, we are blessed to have been raised on a family ranch where we grew our own food  and lived a regenerative lifestyle before it was a thing. Our bond is strong and we’ve always sought ways to collaborate with a desire to make a positive impact. Now we are inspired to bring the gifts of the land that raised us to others while supporting the health of the planet.

By sharing the traditional grass-fed cheese of Bolivia, baked into cuñapes (our name for biscuits), we are able to support a humane food cycle from farm to snack. Not only can we share the magic of Bolivia with the world through Keep Grazin’, but we are also walking the talk of new business practices that support humans, animals, and the earth in harmonious ways. Thank you for being a part of the mooovement!


Delicious grass-fed snacks that keep cows and people grazin’ naturally.

The secret is in the cheese. Every foodie, wine enthusiast, or simply those who just love to eat what tastes really good, knows that flavor is everything. Excellence in flavor comes from quality and quality comes from integrity. We choose to collaborate with local farmers who pour their care, sweat, and tears into the land and the cows they raise to graze. You will taste the difference in our farm to snack biscuits. Ok ready?? Say cheese!

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REGENERATIVE FOOD - a Grass-Fed Mooovement!

Happy cows do not only live in California! We are honored to support small family farms
and regenerative agricultural practices where the cows roam freely,
and are respected and treated as part of the “farmily”.

This is a very rare form of dairy farming where calves can nurse with their mothers in a relaxed environment omitting
the need for external hormone injections. The cows receive gentle, humane treatment and they can eat naturally
all year round in the lowland prairies where grain is never a substitute for grass.


Our earth provides us with everything
and it is our responsibility and promise to do our best to return the favor. We are a small family business with a big-hearted mission.

Creating business practices, a regenerative lifestyle, and an environmental education for our children is deeply important to us. We infuse these values into all we co-create with our farmers to share them with you and your family for a more vibrant planet.

We’re a small
family business

Working with small local farms to create a company that we can be proud of and that we can hand down to our children—and the farmers we work with, to theirs.

We needed to create a business that is sustainable for both the ecosystem and the local economy, because without one we can’t achieve the other. By providing a steady income—for a better cheese produced in a better way—our farmers can continue to own and improve the land they were raised on and we can continue to make the delicious and satisfying cuñapes we were raised eating!