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Living a Regenerative Lifestyle

happy cow grazing in nature

Remember when? Before there was a need to educate people about sustainable practices in regenerative farming and agriculture, millions if not billions of people lived in natural harmony with the earth for centuries. Growing up in Bolivia on our family ranch, we watched cows roam freely in their environment, having spacious hills to walk about and natural ponds to bathe and drink from. It was idyllic in a sense, setting the tone for a regenerative lifestyle of gracious balance between ways of life, food, and philosophy. 

A Mooovement

We never thought we would be on the pioneering team alongside other humans across the world who are part of the regenerative farming movement. Bolivia is a very small country and most people don’t even know we exist. Very few can point to it on a map and truly have no idea about our culture or way of life. Coming from what people refer to as the “third world” has given us the invitation to dream big into possibilities. There is very little infrastructure created around entrepreneurship and expanding beyond borders. As visionaries with momentum in our hearts, we see this as an opportunity to bridge our home-grown regenerative farming practices with others who are seeking to bring this inspiration into their lifestyle through the food they eat.

Farm to Snack

We’ve been so fortunate to align with farmers to supply us with grass-fed cheese who share our vision, teach, and inspire us. They work with silvopasture methods that allow trees to grow on their pastures. This method creates cool shade for the cows as well as an ecosystem that encourages smaller plants to thrive, which the cows also love to eat. 

Biodiversity in Action

Industrial farming is a constant threat to many of our farmers' biodiverse and regenerative farming techniques. There is not a day that goes by that the pressure to make more money, sell more cheese, and compete with other local farmers isn’t a reality. Our chosen techniques and approach allows for biodiversity to thrive in the fields, creating healthier grasslands full of nutrient-rich soil — which make for happier cows and tastier grass-fed cheese. We honor our farmers for their commitment and their courage in staying true to their values. 

Happy Cows, Better Cheese

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that the cows that produce the milk for our grass-fed cheese are happier. With true compassion, care, and mutual respect, our farmers forbid any senseless treatment of the cows that provide so much for them. While a typical dairy farm works with a cocktail of hormones to increase the volume of milk production, ours rely on the natural hormones created when mothers are allowed to continue to nurse their young. Leaning into nature has taught us how to live in harmony and reap the benefits of a regenerative farming lifestyle. 

The Future Is Bright

We are committed to doing our part. Keep Grazin’ supports many local farmers who are seeking to remain loyal to regenerative farming. The more we can produce and share our grass-fed cheese biscuits with the world, the more we can participate in maintaining, inspiring, and expanding the regenerative lifestyle. We have to eat! And we know that we can nourish ourselves in harmonious flow with the earth and its plants, animals, and human beings. By choosing regenerative farming practices and caring for the animals and biodiversity that provide us (humans) with food, everyone is happier and healthier. You are what you eat and with Keep Grazin’ you are eating for a vibrant planet.
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