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The Simple Pleasure of Coffee and Grass-Fed Crunch

The Simple Pleasure of Coffee and Grass-Fed Crunch

Beyond the sounds of grinding coffee beans or perhaps the water bubbling, is the smell of coffee that truly begins to stir the palate. Taste and sensation lead us to breaking-the-fast. A familiar scene: hot, potent, molasses colored coffee pours into your cup. The ritual has begun. The steam rises and swirls into the air reaching your senses, the first sip is like no other. The simple pleasure of freshly roasted coffee wafting through the kitchen is a way to greet the morning. Is there anything better? The majority would say no, that this is it, that your first cup is a glorious, life-initiating experience that cannot be missed.. 

The Coffee Relationship

The relationship between coffee and the human being is a symbiotic dance between the promise of a new day and those who are ready to receive it. Many even look forward to tomorrow’s first cup the night before! How is it that coffee has come to reign over our morning rituals with such sweeping popularity? Actually, it doesn’t really matter how, what does matter is that the coffee is poured and that there is now a perfect grass-fed cheese biscuit to accompany it. 

Coffee has found it’s Perfect Pair

While some can run on coffee alone, many of us want something to balance and buffer the belly. The question is, what accompanies your coffee? A percentage of the population may go for toast with their coffee, a combination of light crunch, inner softness, and a vehicle for butter or jam. Others choose the bagel and slather on the creme cheese. What about those of us who want something light but satisfies us at the same time? Keep Grazin’ bite-sized grass-fed biscuits offer a satiating pairing to our bold brews without weighing us down for the day.

What About These Grass-Fed Cheese Biscuits?

Texture is everything, well maybe not everything, but it is meaningful to us. So much so that our crunch is a signature of our products. Our focus on light, airy, and true-to-form crunch is also so deeply satisfying, rich and full of embodied grass-fed cheese that you will definitely want to keep grazin’ (wink, wink). Originally called cuñapes, these crunchy grass-fed cheese biscuits are decadent in flavor and sustainable in practice. Our mission is to keep both cows and people grazin’naturally without sacrificing any of the delicious taste. Eating these is more than eating a snack, it is joining the Grass-Fed Mooovement!

Morning, Noon or Night!

We know that coffee is not simply a morning beverage and that the combination of coffee and our grass-fed cheese biscuits truly shine in the afternoon too. Most people are seeking just a little something to bridge the gap between meals and to bring both energy and substance to their bodies to keep them going throughout the day. Because of the savory nature of the grass-fed cheese, there is a satisfaction that comes with every bite.

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